Aug 272009

Jam Wedding Favor

Earlier this summer I was at a wedding and  on the table was this little jar of strawberry jam attached with a quote. The bride and her mother had made the jam. I thought it was so perfect, sweet, thoughtful and a wonderful idea. So in case anyone is looking for a favor idea, I thought this was a great one!

So we grew together

Like to a double strawberry, seeming parted,

But yet an union in partition;

Two lovely berries molded on one stem

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare

Aug 042009

new-candy-shish-kebob.jpg candy-shish-kebob.jpg

I thought this was just about the cutest favor that was given out at a shower recently. A candy shish Kebob

These were bright, colorful, and looked so adorable all individually wrapped displayed in a basket. My only disappointment was that I only got one! They were homemade but totally looked store bought!


Jan 042009

Okay so this subject is not a normal pantry entry but I think relevant to readers. I realize it is my age as I am in the wedding period of my life. I think about things that have never crossed my mind. A dear friend of mine is getting married this summer and can’t figure out the registry. Something that would seem to be a lot of fun is actually quite stressful. But I feel she is not alone from talking to other brides, grooms, parents of brides & grooms, and friends. Everyone has his or her opinion.

Should they get want they want? Is price a concern? What are practical things you received? Or that impractical gift that you loved? What are things you wish you registered for? Places that were great with registry? Places that were not? Your favorite gift to give? Or any fun story, comment, or thought that might be helpful to other engaged couples.

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Jul 262007

The day finally came and my sister’s wedding has come and gone. I am still exhausted from it all as the festivities went on for days. But everything came off beautifully due to countless hours of work and coordination done by my mother and sister. I found it difficult to choose on what to write about as there were days of parties. So for now I will just stick to the actually wedding day.


I have to give kudos to my sister and her now husband on their table arrangements. A daunting task when you are not only placing people at a table but also seating them.   Here is one trick that they were given in this process. Take a paper plate and cut it into pie slices. Have the number of slices match the number of people at the table.  Then put the invites names on the slices. This makes it easy to move people around and visually see it, before actually writing it down.
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Jan 242007

I feel from many conversations with brides & bridesmaids, there can be a lot of misconceptions of the roles and expectations of the bridesmaid from both sides. I have seen friendships damaged from an experience that is suppose to be joyous. As for the men reading this who think this might not apply to you – I am sure you have a friend, girlfriend, sister, wife, or fiance who is either a bride or bridesmaid. This, in fact, could be helpful information to have. Here are just a few points on the role of a Bridesmaid.

PLEASE let me know about some of your experiences (I am sure there are many) and of points that should be added so we all can learn!!! THANK YOU…

- Best to always accept the invitation of being a bridesmaid
- If you cannot afford the responsibility bring it up at a later date, not when you are asked.
- Be on time
- The maid of honor is there to share with the bride all the excitement that goes along with all parts of the wedding plans.
- Make sure to pick up your bridesmaid dress in a reasonable amount of time in case of additional fittings
- Be a good communicator with information- don’t count on information reached everyone
- Organize Bachelorette party
- Help out where you can with ideas, driving around scouting out locations etc.
- Help out at rehearsal dinner- Bride and Groom’s family might be a little pre-occupied and forget about things that could be rather important.
- Help the bride getting into her dress- and know how to bustle!

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Sep 142006

Summertime is the height of the wedding season and this past summer I was asked numerous questions about weddings ranging from gifts to attire to responses. In honor of my sister’s recent engagement I thought I would do a category on Weddings.

Congratulations to Carolyn and Evan!

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