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I feel from many conversations with brides & bridesmaids, there can be a lot of misconceptions of the roles and expectations of the bridesmaid from both sides. I have seen friendships damaged from an experience that is suppose to be joyous. As for the men reading this who think this might not apply to you – I am sure you have a friend, girlfriend, sister, wife, or fiance who is either a bride or bridesmaid. This, in fact, could be helpful information to have. Here are just a few points on the role of a Bridesmaid.

PLEASE let me know about some of your experiences (I am sure there are many) and of points that should be added so we all can learn!!! THANK YOU…

- Best to always accept the invitation of being a bridesmaid
- If you cannot afford the responsibility bring it up at a later date, not when you are asked.
- Be on time
- The maid of honor is there to share with the bride all the excitement that goes along with all parts of the wedding plans.
- Make sure to pick up your bridesmaid dress in a reasonable amount of time in case of additional fittings
- Be a good communicator with information- don’t count on information reached everyone
- Organize Bachelorette party
- Help out where you can with ideas, driving around scouting out locations etc.
- Help out at rehearsal dinner- Bride and Groom’s family might be a little pre-occupied and forget about things that could be rather important.
- Help the bride getting into her dress- and know how to bustle!

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  1. Brides, try to keep costs incurred by your bridesmaids in conjunction with your big day down. If they decide to go over the top anyway, everyone will be happier because it was their idea and not the lofty requirements of a bridezilla.

  2. Hi Patty,

    Our destination wedding day is in April and we are hoping you may have some gift ideas for our bridesmids and groomsmen.

    For our guests, we have decided to give each, a collection of our favorite songs on CD and a minature wedding cake in cake boxes. I’m thinking we should add another item, but my fiancee thinks we shouldn’t. Do you have any suggestions?


  3. Jillian-
    I would not think it would be neccessary to give another gift. What I saw at one destination wedding that I thought was a great idea were travel tags. This couple did silver plated travel tags and then had each guest initials engraved on the back. They also acted as the place card on the table.

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