Dec 192007

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On a happier note, I do love this time of year because of all the festivities. Every year my sister and I make these Christmas Wreaths for a party my mother hosts. The first time we wanted to make them our mother was not pleased and was not excited to have to display them among the other desserts. Well, they are festive, fun, and every year the biggest crowd please of the young and old. Best to be made with two people and be prepared to have sticky hands.

10 oz. Bag of large Marshmallows
1 stick butter
6 cups of Corn Flakes
1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract
2-3 Teaspoons of Green Food Coloring

50 Red Mints

Because this requires quick hands have prepared in-advance the waxed paper (greased) or use my favorite the Silpat.

In a pot melt together the Marshmallows and Butter. Once fully melted add the vanilla and food coloring and make sure well combined- that the marshmallow is completely green. Quickly stir in the cornflakes. Again working quickly make heaping of the mixture on the waxed paper or silpat. Then shape them into circles and add red mints. Let stand for about an hour before serving.

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  1. i used to always make these when i was little!

    is a red hot the same thing as a red mint?

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