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I don’t need a reason to get dressed up nor do I care if everyone is in a t-shirt & jeans and I have feathers in my hair. Recently, I was bringing over appetizers’ to a friend’s party. I had them all arranged on a serving tray and was going to hop into a cab. Well halfway between my apartment and my friend’s place, all of the appetizers’ fell on top of me. I was wearing my new baby- (a skirt) and still had two curlers on top of my head. I was now covered in Olive Oil, and the taxi driver kicked me and my friend out of the cab (because I had spilled something.) Completely bewildered, I stood on a street corner…I did think my world had come to an end or was about too (okay, I can be slightly dramatic), my friend who was with me helped me put it into perspective.

What did I learn from this BABY POWDER is the trick to oil stains. I came home and poured an entire bottle practically over the skirt, changed and tried to salvage the remains of my appetizers…

The following weekend my baby (the skirt) was worn, STAIN FREE. Click here for Red Wine Stains!

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  1. Its great to hear that there’s a fix for olive oil stains. Is the dry cleaners the next step after the baby powder?

  2. After splattering 2 spots of olive oil on a white shirt tonight, I had no fear knowing that the remedy was here in the blog.
    I agree with Eliza, though: what is the step between dousing it with baby powder and wearing it out again?

  3. In the case of my skirt I had to send it to the cleaners because of the fabric. After the baby powder and the powder has absorbed the oil. Apply some soap and water.

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