Jun 102007


The Green Movement has been around for a while. But defiantly in the past year has gained momentum finally in the United States. The New Bank of America Building being built in NYC is completely GREEN receiving platinum LEED standing. The Economist Last issue was on – How business is tackling climate change. Positive initiatives are taking place. But here is one for the kitchen. I know some people have been doing this for a while but next time you go to market to pick up your groceries why not bring your own BAG.
Living in NYC I would usually bring a backpack to the grocery store it just makes it easier to carry groceries home and up flights of stairs! Recently, I received this great grocery bag, as a gift, it is the Trader Joe’s grocery bag. When I opened it there were many envious individuals☺ Thank you Mary! (It was explained to me this could also double as a beach bag) I am a big believer that it is all the little things that matter and taking your own grocery bag to the store is a start! Otherwise it will end up in the city landfill.
I thought this was a great gift and I will probably be giving it to others. It could make for a fun hostess gift.

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  1. What a special gift idea! Especially for those living on the west coast since San Francisco banned all plastic grocery bags!

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