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Spring time is here or should I say the calendar indicates that it’s Spring! One thing I love about Spring is flowers; ever since I was a little girl flowers have always been my favorite thing. They just make me happy. Flowers are one of the most common hostess gifts given and for a good reason. The price points range, enabling anyone to purchase, and above all else, who does not like to receive them? But how about taking it one step further?

My mother’s favorite hostess gifts to both give and receive are flowers. But she says the nicest thing is to receive them a day before or morning of an event. This way everyone can enjoy them and if she is having a dinner party, she won’t be arranging the flowers while getting the roast out of the oven. My sister’s fiancé did this on his first trip out West to visit my parents- I heard about the orchid for the next week and how thoughtful and wonderful he is. (The extra effort went a very long way)

Sure there is always 1-800 Flowers, but there are many other routes to go- find a hotel you might like, based on aesthetics, in the area and see who they use or recommend. Also you can call/ visit the website of Bbrooks Fine Flowers which has a partnership with all the leading florists in the nation. This way you can locate the best in the area. Hopefully, this is just helpful information since there are always occassions when flowers are the perfect gift.

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  1. Excellent advise on sending the flower arrangement a day or two earlier–

  2. Hi Patty!
    I absolutely love your blog! I wanted to ask you, having grown up on the West Coast and living on the East coast have you found any differences in entertaining styles from one to the other? Is one more formal? More gourmet? Time sensitive? Just curious. I am going to try the Apple Cake recipe soon! Looks so good!


  3. Irvina,
    That is a interesting question that I have not thought very much about until now. The biggest difference I would say having grown up in Southern California and being so close to Mexico is the influence that plays in the foods that are served at parties. I hope you do try the Apple Cake it is great and thank you so much for your support!

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