Aug 282008


Now I always think of pesto being parmesan cheese, basil, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil. Well, I was taught that Sienese pesto does not have garlic and because we were in the region for pecorino cheese that was used instead of parmesan in addition this pesto was special because it was made with a variety of different nuts.
Side Note- when coating your pasta with pesto do not do it over heat or you will cook the pesto and it will separate.

3 Cups of Basil
1  1 /2 Cup of Pecorino Cheese Grated
1/2 Cup Pine Nuts
1/2 Cup Walnuts
1/2 Cup Almonds
1 Cup Olive Oil (Maybe less, but probably not!)

In a Food Processor if you have one. (I don’t, so I do it by hand and then put into a blender at the very end) Finely process the basil and nuts, keep the nuts and basil separated. In a larger bowl start with all the basil add some cheese, nuts, oil and mix together and taste to see if you like the consistency. Then repeat the process it should be smooth and creamy by the end. Now this was served on some gnocchi we had made, lets just say that is a skill that still needs perfecting. Our gnocchi were the size of golf balls. But the next day I had this on a sandwich and it was positively divine!

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