Aug 282008

views-of-tuscany.jpg how-the-pantry-visits-a-pig-farm.jpg
How the Pantry visits a Pig Farm… some thought ridiculous!

I just got back from vacation celebrating my mother’s
birthday. I was in Tuscany and thought I would be able to write from there. But imagine I had no internet access for 10 days. I have to say it was a little refreshing. So since Since all I did was eat be expecting some Italian entries.

I took a cooking class when I was in Italy and one clever tip I learned was how to keep my basil from turning brown after it is cut. So this is how to keep your basil looking fresh vibrant and GREEN.

- Dampen your knife with water
- Rub both side of the knife with table salt
- Wipe salt off and now your knife is ready to cut basil!

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