Jul 102008


Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I love Bubbles. So how could I do an entire Sangria tasting and not try one with Sparkling Wine? I mean Cava is Spanish Sparkling Wine so it is completely appropriate! Sangria really is the perfect drink for entertaining.

1 Tablespoon of Mint Leaves (If large leaves tear them up)
1/3 Cup Frozen Grapes
5 Strawberries cut into 4 pieces
1/3 Cup of Cubed Nectarines
1/4 Cup of Grape Juice
1/4 Cup of Cognac
1 Bottle of Cava

In a Pitcher mix all ingredients together except the Cava and grapes. Let stand for at least three hours in a refrigerator. Before serving mix the Cava and frozen grapes.

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