May 042008


It is almost Cinco de Mayo. I believe Margaritas are always a good time! I recently had a frozen blackberry drink and thought this would be a good combination for a margarita.

2 Tablespoons of Blackberry Puree
1 oz. Tequila
½ Tablespoon of Fresh Mint Leaves
1 Teaspoon of Lime Juice
2 Cups of Ice

Blackberry Puree
1 pint of Blackberries
½ Cup Sugar

In a saucepan cook blackberries and sugar until sugar has melted about 3-5 minutes. Pour mixture into a blender and blend smooth liquid consistency. Pour blackberries sauce through a sieve in order to discard all the seeds.

In a clean blender add blackberry puree, tequila, mint leaves, lime juice, and ice. Blend until smooth and pour into glass top the margarita with mint leave.

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