Apr 262007

I live in 350 square feet. My kitchen is about 40 square feet I don’t have a full size oven, two burners don’t work, and I have 18 inches of counter space. But none of this stops me from making just about anything and for any amount.
Recently, I was adding pantry treats to goodie bag for the Children for Children Benefit in NYC at Christies. There were 700 bags and 2800 individual items that needed to be wrapped. Before I go any further I must thank those that came and gave a helping hand. I will always remember it; I could have never done it with out your help.  (I had no idea just how many 700 were, but now I do!) THANK YOU to my Mom, my sister Carolyn, her fiancé Evan, Ariana, Chris, Courtney, Emily, Margaret,  Marybeth, and Natalie.
All of this baking took place in my little apartment. Each bag was filled with chocolate honey comb, a brownie, a cookie, and a peanut butter cup. Of course I had to transfer items around the neighborhood to friends apartments for frig and freezer storage. (unfortunately my photos of this were all corrupted too much for my camera to handle.) How do I do this in this small of a space? I have a couple of tools that help me a lot and do not take up that much storage space. I have them stored standing up under my sink.
1. Large Cutting Boards (I have two)
2. Jelly Roll Baking Sheet (I had two but for this had to buy two more!) This is basically a cookie sheet with inches sides all the way around.
The Cutting Boards, I most often will place over my sink to act as another work surface. Transfer it to a table in my “multi purpose room” and use the next cutting board in the same manner. I store things on the baking sheets when done and they fit nicely in my refrigerator. Now there are stores like Tiny Living that specialize in mini item. I don’t like using mini things- I just forego certain tools that take up a lot of space like a Kitchen Aide Mixer and a Cruisanart. I dream of one day of being able to have space for them. But until then I will have to make do with my hand mixer and blender!

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  1. Another great culinary accomplishment–no surprise there. And for such a good cause, too. This group definitely knew what they were doing when they asked for your assistance. Thanks for all the practical tips, for making the most of what limited space we all have

  2. hooray for ‘multi purpose rooms’

  3. sweet Patty – Words can not express how thankful I am for all the effort you put into pulling this off. You are a champ, and there were 700 very lucky gift bag recipients who enjoyed every last bite for sure!

  4. From everyone at Children for Children – thank you!! It was such a delight to meet the fabulous Patty and feature her tasty treats in our bags. Our guests could not have been more pleased!!


  5. the brownies in the treat bags were amazing! I had no idea you worked in such a small space – great work on a yummy accomplishment!!!

  6. Patty,

    I am in absolute awe of your entire website! I was lucky enough to get to know and learn about your website AND culinary delights through the Children for Children event and I assure you I will a frequent visitor! Your Brownies are some of the best I’ve ever tasted, I loved the peanut butter and chocolatey treat and the honey comb delights as well!! In fact I enjoyed each one seperately and had my honeycomb with a little vanilla frozen yogurt.

    We need more people like Patty in NYC and all over who know how to cook for a cause! I can’t wait to see your new cookbooks and all else that you accomplish!!

    Thank you for being so generous and putting your talents to use for all! Everyone loved them!

  7. I attended the CFC benefit and loved your tasty treats! The chocolate honey comb was awesome.

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