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Every Christmas we have roast beef. This Christmas my father’s eyes were rather large and he bought an entire side of beef! So next time you are in the kitchen roasting something, here are a few helpful reminders.

  • To start a meat thermometer is key
  • Roasting is not done with a lid
  • Temperatures in roasting can range from 250 degrees F for a slow-roast to a 500 F
  • Usually oven rack should be arranged in middle of the oven
  • Roasting foods on a bone have more flavor than boneless
  • Roast meat on a rack inside the roasting pan, so the meat does not stew in its own juices
  • With meat roasts if you start it at high temperatures at around 450 for twenty minutes and reduce to 350 to 325- this will make the crust dark and crispy
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  1. I find that searing the meat on the stovetop provides a desirable crust rather than starting off at a high temperature. Any thoughts?

  2. I forgot to go into pan roasting technique which I am very happy you brought up the point. This technique is usually used when for dense foods like a thick pork chop or filets mignons that would burn on the stove top before they cooked all the way through. The process of starting at a high heat and then reducing is best for larger roasts or whole poultry.

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