Nov 062006

With the holidays just around the corner and all the delicious goodies that are made from flour; I thought I might impart some tid bits of information for the next time you find yourself in the baking aisle getting ready to make pie crusts, cakes, breads or cookies.

To begin the difference between Cake, Pastry, All Purpose, Bread and Semolina Flour is the amount of protein and ability for gluten to form. Cake has the least and Semolina has the most.

Self-rising- I was told by a professional baker NEVER use this because every brand contains a different amount of baking soda and salt. This will change the recipe too much

So for standard baking, just use all purpose flour and watching your mixing to make sure too much gluten does not form. If it calls for bread/high gluten or semolina,I would go out and get that!

Hope this helps next time in the baking aisle

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  1. That is great to know. I always wonder about that and never want to splash out for multiple types of flour unless absolutely necessary. I find that more often than not it just scares me away from baking! I’ll have to give it a go again this holiday season.

  2. Patty

    Hi. I’m Ben Weber’s friend, John. We’ve met a few times. I finally got the chance to check out your website and wanted to let you know that I think it looks great. Also, I picked up a few helpful etiquette tips (how to eat soup) and recipes (crab cakes). Best of luck.

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