Aug 242006

About once a month, I attend a wine night with fr. We’ve tried everything from: white, red, sparkling, rose, regions, and last week- boxed! Now there are many different ways in which you could host a wine night. For now I will tell you how the one I attend is organized.

  • It is usally about 14-15 people with new people coming each time.
  • The hostess starts the evening by describing each of the wines that we will be trying. There are four wines wrapped up so we cannot see what we are tasting.
  • We each pick a number out of a hat so groups are organized randomly.
  • There is a sheet where we list things about each wine after we taste it from flavor to color.
  • Once we have completed the rounds, the hostess does a recap and askes questions about what we thought about the different wines as they are revealed. (The hostess has titled this night Wine Snobs in Training)
  • There is always scrumptious nibbles to be had!
  • Each attendee chips in $10 to help cover the costs.

Now this wine night requires a lot of work on behalf of the hostess. Another way it could be done is each person brings a Pinot Grigio from Italy (with a little research) and the hostess prepares some Italian sides to accompany.

It is a great way to get new and old people together !

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