Jul 272006


Sometimes you just want something simple when you are having people over. I find it even harder to find a good sandwich place if you don’t want a chain. Recently, I was having a mini reunion with some friends from high school (someone was in from out of town) we were going to grab sandwiches and then bring it to one of our apartments to catch up. Instead we opted to make our own. I had everyone over to my tiny place. I roasted a chicken and provided the condiments. We chose to have club sandwiches, but you really could do this with a wide variety next you want have people over for an easy lunch.

Dressing Choices included: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Bacon, Cucumber, Onion, Brie, Cranberry Sauce (these last two items I thought would provide unique sandwich variations)

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  1. my mother did that in the 50’s and sixty’s..when we had friends over it was a build your own submarine party..also nothing one can buy beats roasted chicken

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