Jul 242006

I am always out and about. One thing I always notice is when someone gives a good introduction or, also, when a poor one is given. Even worse is when there is no introduction at all. Here are just a few things to remember next time:

  • The younger person is always introduced to the older.
  • At a smaller dinner party it is still polite for the host/hostess to rise when someone new comes as well as for a man to rise for a woman entering the room.
  • Firm hand shakes are key- two to three seconds long. A lifeless one is telling to some, it is thought that a handshake matches your character.
  • At a party it is better to introduce yourself than to stand in a corner by yourself.
  • If called the wrong name, don’t take it as a slight, but correct the person right away.
  • If you can’t remember someone’s name that you have met a group of times, either you can bluff your way through it or swallow your pride, and let them you know you are having a brain freeze.
  • There are always the times where you meet someone for the 20th time, it is okay to say “Yes, we met before at…”
  • Introduce with first and last names although today there are so many informal acquaintances that unfortunately you may not know the last name. I wish I did this more but am in the habit of not, I can think of one person I know who does this and I always appreciate it and take notice of it.
  • It is polite to give formal introduction of Mr/Mrs to someone’s parents or similar age gap. Let them decide to have you call them by their first name
  • It is always nice to introduce with a little information about the person, but use discretion.

There are many more items but these are just a few to think about.

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  1. WOW!! This is going to be such a huge help at my next dinner party / social gathering! Keep up the great work!

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