Jun 012006

I just recently learned this trick to always remember which is the bread dish and which is your drink. For some people it is just instinctual which to choose, but at a crowded table there is sometimes confusion. So to avoid an embarrassing situation, just think “b” and “d.”

Your left hand makes the “b” and your right hand makes the “d.” The bread plate is always on your left and the drink is always on your right! Thank you Evan…can’t tell to how many people I’ve relayed this trick!!

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  1. I had sent the link to your blog to my friends a few months back, hoping they would enjoy it as much as I have. I was pleasantly surprised during a recent bachelorette weekend in Chicago when my friend Dora and I both put our hands up in a “b” and “d” to explain to another girl how to tell which side of the place setting one’s bread and drink are on. It seems that everyone really is learning something new and enjoying your blog just as much as I am!

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