May 152006

A friend became engaged and, in the excitement, I ran up to her and said, “oh congratulations!” I was quickly corrected by my mother that to woman you say:

“Best Wishes” and for man “Congratulations”.

A week later when another friend got engaged I knew what to say!

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  1. I recently read your entry explaining the propper way in which one should “congratulate” a new bride to be, and it got me thinking. If one is to say “Best Wishes” to a woman upon her engagement, what does one say to a woman upon the birth of a child. Congratulations? Best Wishes? Best of Luck? Please advise.

  2. Ariel,

    To be perfectly honest I had never thought about that, so thank you. I went to some reliable sources and the unanimous verdict was CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Dear Patty,
    I like that you incorporated a bit of etiquette with your recipes and entertaining ideas…your grandmother was so correct. I also enjoyed reading first-person narratives! Keep your great ideas coming my way!!

  4. Great advice on the Engagement wishes. Love the blog, always checking it out. Great tips for us young socially handicapped males. Like the brown look.

  5. Dear Patty, I’m going to an engagement party next weekend for a close friend. Over 90 people will be attending this cocktail buffet. Apparently engagement parties are not what they used to be. Are gifts necessary? It seems the rules have changed. Now that a few of our brave friends are starting to tie-the-knot it would be great if you could give your blog-fans some etiquette tips.

  6. There are two schools of thought that I have heard. 1) Yes, get an engagement gift. 2) Make your wedding gift a little larger. I personally lean towards the first.

  7. I have been looking looking around for this kind of information. Will you post some more in future? I’ll be grateful if you will.

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