Mar 112013

Giants Meringues, I see all the time here and also in Paris. I was kind of surprised with the prevalence with which I see them and I had never seen them in the States. As Easter approaches, I thought it would be fun to make these Giant Meringues and scoop out the center to make a nest then fill with chocolate eggs. These are actually super simple and turned out really cute.

Giant Meringue Nests

Giant Meringue Nests

7 Egg Whites

2 Cups of White Granulated Sugar (Heated in oven in a heat proof dish at 375 for 5 minutes)

1 Teaspoon of Vanilla

1/2 Teaspoon Cream of Tartar

Food Coloring Optional

Mini Chocolate Eggs

In a standing mixer with a whisk attachment whip the egg whites and cream of tartar until frothy then slowly add the warmed sugar and vanilla and whip on high for about 5-7 minutes until holds peaks.

Add this point if you want you can drop a couple drops of food coloring and lightly stir in to give a swirl of color.

Make 1 and 1/2 cup heaps of meringue on top a baking sheet with a silpat. Scoop out the center of the mound to form the nest. This will make about 10 nests. Bake at 230 F for 1.5 hours.

Let cool before adding chocolate eggs to the center. You could use jelly beans too!


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