Jan 222013

The name is telling, they serve Champagne and Hot Dogs, can we say AMAZING? Back in the Fall this new restaurant arrived to London.They offer three sides to go with your hot dog: Sweet Potato Fries/Chips, Tater Tots, and Cole Slaw. I was so excited to see tater tots as an option, something I have not seen here and definitely a comfort food! The Champagne list is quite extensive and fun to see boutique growers that I visited, when I was in Champagne country in the fall.

Bubble Dog reminded me of a NYC restaurant called Asia Dog, that has a similar concept of hot dogs with great unique toppings. I went for  more of a classic, a Chili Cheese Dog, my friend went for the Kimchi Dog. Overall it was a fun night. Would I go back? Although, I thought the food was great and I can never go wrong with Champagne , for me it was a one time experience. At the end of the evening I was a little overwhelmed what I paid for a hot dog. I do recommend trying it though but get there early as the line forms when the doors open. They do take reservations for parties of 6 or more.


70 Charlotte Street

Lunch 1130:-4 Dinner 5:30-11

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