Dec 192007

This is a little out of the normal entry but has to do with the home. Last Friday evening I came home from work to find my apartment had been completely ransacked. Definitely, an unsettling feeling to know a perfect stranger had broken into my apartment and torn through all of my personal items.

I try to always be positive and view the glass as half full versus half empty. It was horrible but could have been worse…but for years I thought about getting rental insurance – thought it would be expensive and take a long time to get. I was wrong it is quite the opposite. About 2 months ago I finally did it, very simple, not expensive and definitely gives you a peace of mind. When I was at the police station I told a friend “well, at least I have rental insurance” who responded with –“You do, I don’t anyone who actually signs up for that.”

Subsequently, I have talked to many people saying they have been meaning to sign up for it or others that do have it and again the peace of mind it gives. The coverage spans items outside the home too when traveling. Here are a few places to go if you don’t have rental insurance– it is quick, easy and totally worth it.


All State



State Farm

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  1. This is a great message. I just signed up for renter’s insurance myself after hearing about a few burglaries. The holidays seem like a particularly good time to get renter’s insurance since many people are out-of-town.

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