Feb 222007

This phrase, I believe, also applies to cooking and entertaining. When I set out to plan a meal or any event I always have a menu in mind. Now on the day of, is that menu always the same?…most likely not. Here is some advice I was once given: never tell anyone what is on your menu; then, in case something does not work out or there is not enough time, there is room to improvise and no one will know the difference!

I am not at all afraid to admit I make mistakes all of the time. I was reminded about this tip this week as I am getting ready to cater an event for a friend. I was making grape jellies with peanut butter truffles and, for the life of me, I had been unable to get the jellies to properly set. I had made them twice…and was attempting a third. I think I was merely being stubborn because I excitedly made the mistake of telling people I was making them for the party. I will keep you posted on the outcome!

Details of this event to come in next couple of postings.

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