Oct 232006

It is getting colder which mean soup season is back again. Here are a few reminders next time you have a bowl of soup in front of you.

  • Do not blow on the soup
  • Do not put the entire spoon in your mouth, slip it from the side
  • The spoon is filled by moving the spoon away, but in eastern culturesit is the opposite with the spoon being filled with a movement towards you.
  • Bring the spoon up to your mouth, don’t have your head over the bowl.
  • Tip the bowl away from you when trying to get the last couple of spoonfuls
  • If it is a two handled soup bowl it is okay to pick it up and sip from the bowl or use a spoon.
  • Leave the soup spoon on the soup plate when done not in the bowl.
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  5 Comments to “Soup Notes”

  1. Sooo refreshing to read about
    the way soup should be eaten! You are doing us a great service- I think most people don’t know the rules, or have forgotten them . . . in this fast paced society where everything must be done quickly!!

  2. I am completely against people KNOWING any so-called “rules” of soup eating because then they will feel entitled to correct me.

    George Washington didn’t throw the Redcoats into the teaparty so that Americans could be told how they can and cannot eat their soup.

  3. Wow, this is obnoxious. If you’re so offended, then maybe you shouldn’t be reading a section entitled “Etiquette.” Your Revolutionary War reference, though creative, falls very short of inspiring.

  4. Are etiquitte and a sense of humor really so incompatable? I certainly hope not…

  5. I often see people do some “odd” things with their soup, especially when they are dying to get that last little bit. The tips you have provided on how to enjoy your soup in a proper way are very useful and I hope many people put them to good use!

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