Jul 072006

Cookie batters usually make upwards of about 50 to 60 cookies per batch. This many is usually not necessary for me as much as I would love to eat them all. Take an ice-cream scooper and scoop out all the batter into desired cookie sizes and freeze them in an air tight container. Now they are all ready to be baked, whenver you want, so you can have a fresh cookie every night!

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  1. So when you go to bake them, do you have to wait for the dought to thaw for the cookies to cook evenly or can you take them straight from the freezer to the cookie sheet and add extra minutes to the baking time?

  2. To be perfectly honest I just drop the cookies on to the sheet and bake them for require time. Just make sure that the oven is has actually been pre-heated to the desired temperature.

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