Jun 192006

I realize that some people think that place cards are too formal. It is my belief, though, that at a dinner party of more than six people they are integral to the success of the evening. There are always many kinds of personalities; some are talkative and some are not. The key is to have everyone participating and engaged in conversation. Although it has to do with the people that are attending, it also has to do with where they are sitting. For example, it is not wise place two talkers next to one another.

If you are at a party where the hostess used place cards, ahdere to them because most likely there was a reason for them. There are plenty of fun ways to be creative with them too!

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  1. I like the idea of placecards, but it does seem a little archaeic. What I generally do is make sure my partner and I are bookending the guests so that they’re not left out on the ends not talking to anyone. Another secret is: Don’t invite boring people to dinner. You can use that one if you want. (I miss Patty.)

  2. I too strongly believe in placecards. My mother and my biggest complaint during the holidays is that my aunt does not believe in placecards. There is an awkward jumble when everyone goes to sit down to dinner, as people try to negotiate a good seat. My mom always ends up sitting next to my dad, which is so boring for her because she sees him everyday.

  3. Patty, what fun!! keep up the good work!! I look forward to reading your future entries.

  4. Who has that awesome penmanship on those sample placecards you have pictured?!?? Yea, yea…what a credit whore I am.

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