Apr 172006

A family friend brought these over for St. Patrick’s Day and I thought it was such an adorable idea. Irish Spring soap in a bag filled with gold grass and gold chocolate coins.

Mrs. Frost leave it to you to come up with such a cute idea!

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  1. Love the St. Patrick’s Day idea. I definately will be doing that next year.

  2. Let it to my mom to think of these ideas!!!

    This has always been a very special day in my house. (Even as an adult I miss it) As a child, my mom would make green sandwich bread for our lunches, with a green apple, clover-shaped cookie, and special napkins. Breakfast was green pancakes, with green milk and green applesauce. For dinner we always had (and I know they still do) corn-beef and cabbage, apple pie and cheddar cheese.

    What fun memories….

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