“Patty has always had a bit of an old soul. She has always been deeply emotionally connected with everyone in our family- a seemingly impossible task if one were to observe the family dynamic. Without boring you with the make-up of our family, I will articulate that I’ve always been difficult, detached and at times, self indulged. In light of all this, Patty has always remained the most thoughtful and considerate person in the world to me. One of my fondest memories is when she, at age 6, use to sit on my bed- quiet as a mouse- and pull my hair out of my face, make sure I always had a cold cloth on my head, and stir the carbonation out of my Pepsi as I would lay incapacitated with a migraine. Two years my junior and at such a young age she could just look at me and understand what I needed while I coiled up in pain. With each touch of her tiny hand on my head, I felt her warm spirit do all it could to mend me.
This is what her site is about- it is so much deeper than simply recipes, gift ideas, and entertaining tips. It’s about being given the gift of being part of her enchanting little world.”

- Carolyn

“Although Patty has many endearing traits that make her one of my favorite people, this blog most clearly demonstrates her prowess in the kitchen, and her ability to prepare an exquisite spread to match any occasion, large or small, Spring or Fall. I came to know Patty during college – a time that few associate with outstanding cuisine or family-style dinners. I, however, was lucky enough to partake in dozens of Patty’s famous events, soirees, dinners, and get-togethers. These ranged from intimate afternoon cocktail parties to Thanksgiving feasts for a houseful of guests. She has a flair for cooking that goes well beyond her years, which is clearly demonstrated by her ability to bring people from all over the world into her dining room, and – with carefully thought-out and arranged meals – make them all feel truly at home.

My personal appreciation for Patty, however, goes far beyond her talent in the kitchen. Her courtesy, creativity, and attention to detail, when preparing food, reflect her true passion for entertaining, socializing, and bringing people together. One would be hard-pressed to find anyone else who derives as much joy as Patty does, from introducing perfect strangers and then watching them become close friends. To that end, she has made a name for herself by applying her sophisticated and cosmopolitan culinary gifts to everybody’s favorite social pastime – eating – and creating dishes and events that are remembered for a lifetime.”

- Matt

“My first memory with Patty in the kitchen was making pudding. The kind that comes from a box. And believe me, this culinary venture was not by Patty’s choosing, but rather an unconventional form of boarding school discipline dictated by our eccentric dorm head. We were both American girls, about 5′3.” living away from home at the age of 15. The biggest difference was that my home was 11 miles away, and Patty’s was over 3,000.
In a world of increasing convenience where customs and tradition are so often overlooked, Patty reminds us how efforts, if delivered in a thoughtful, way can have a huge impact. Whether its a homemade blueberry muffin or a gathering of carefully arranged friends, Patty’s attention to detail is visible in everything she does. “Patty’s Pantry” is a tribute to Patty’s dedication, worldliness and creativity.
Patty is one of the few 25 year olds who has no need for a microwave. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that pudding was the first and last thing that Patty made from a box”

- Eliza

“Each and every day your creativity and enthusiasm for entertaining illustrates how precious life is and that it should be enjoyed to the fullest among friends and family. Your hardwork and dedication to the kitchen are impressive and rare during these hectic times. The fact that you make cooking a priority demonstrates the joy it brings not only through flavor but also, through the people it brings together. You are a true role model for us all”


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