Jan 212013

I am of the mentality Bacon makes everything better. One of the things I love about London are all my choices I have when it comes to bacon. I thought this was also great to give the fish a less fishy flavor. Neil, is just starting to introduce fish into his diet so having it wrapped in bacon was a great way to segue.

Bacon Wrapped Monk Fish

Bacon Wrapped Monk Fish


For each individual cut of the monk fish I wrapped two pieces of bacon around. I also had some mini roasted plum tomatoes and placed those on top of the fish before wrapping. Cook the fish in a skillet with a little bit of butter and oil. My Monk fish took about 10 minutes to cook. I served it with Unlce Ben’s Original Recipe and Carrots. This was a very fast meal to put together and would definitely do it again.

Bacon Wrapped Monk Fish  with Uncle Ben's Original

Bacon Wrapped Monk Fish with Uncle Ben’s Original