Mar 052007

Do you ever think what would life be like without your cell phone? How did you communicate before it? In terms of kitchen supplies this is how I feel about my silpat. I use it all the time. It prevents the bottoms of cookies from burning, makes delicate products easy to handle, and the non stick aspect is amazing when working with sticky ingredients. I used to think Florentine cookies were impossible but with the silpat they are just as simple as great chocolate chip cookies.
So if you don’t own one, I recommend this be your next purchase. And if you own one already, make sure to use it as often as possible. I even bought one today as a present! They are about $20.

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  One Comment to “My Best Friend … The Silpat”

  1. i heart my silipat! it makes excellent roasted tomatoes and all sorts of veggies without scoringly difficult cleaning!

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