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The Chocolate Souffle is by far and away my favorite dessert to make. Some are easily disuaded from preparing it, thinking that this is a complicated dessert. The indimidation comes in the form of egg whites, which sometimes have a mind of their own and, also, the fact that souffles have to be served directly out of the oven. Like most things in life it is purely about timing!

2/3 Cup of Sugar (a little extra for coating ramekins)
6 oz of Bittersweet Chocolate Chopped
4 Egg yolks
7 Egg Whites
Pinch of cream of tartar
1 teaspoon of Butter to grease the inside of ramekins
6 (3 1/2) Inch ramekins

Pre Heat Oven 400

In a double boiler melt chocolate. In a separate bowl whip egg whites and cream of tartar until holds firms peaks. In another bowl whip together egg yolks and sugar. Combined sugared yolks and chocolate together and then fold into egg whites.
Butter the inside of six ramekin and then coat with sugar. take a piece of wax paper and wrap around the top of ramekin. This is done so when the souffle rises while cooking it holds shape.)
Pour evenly the souffle batter into each ramekin and bake for about 25 minutes.
Serve directly out of the oven with chocolate sauce and whipped cream!
(I sometimes cheat and make these earlier in the day and stick them in the fridge)

Double Boiler- There are special double boiler pots. I just use to different sized pots. Put about an inch of water in the larger pot and put the smaller pot in the larger one. This way the chocolate does not have direct heat which prevents from burning.

Egg Whites- When I say hold firm peaks. When you whip the egg whites the consistency changes. To know whipped enough take a fork and dip in and bring up there should be a peak the has formed with egg whites and will hold.

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  1. Wow, Patty, this looks amazing… and seems like a great idea for a small dinner party- here’s the question- if I want to serve them fresh out of the oven but have people over, do I do the “folding” of the eggs right before I put the ramekins in the oven, or can I do it an hour or two beforehand, before my guests arrive? Thanks!

  2. Caroline, I think it is probably best to do it right before. But, I have to admit when I make these for a dinner party I have them all ready to go and place them in the fridge. Just try not to open and shut the frigde door too much, egg whites don’t like movement.

  3. What’s best way to insert chocolate chips into chocolate souffle? Is that kosher (not literally ;-) ).

    I think a chocolate souffle is best with big chunks of delicious chocolate chip. Any other souffle-fanatics out there?

    Luv the site!! Keep it up Pattie!

  4. Don, You know I have never had a shocolate chip souffle. So I am not 100% sure on the chocolate chips- I would think to add them at the end. They might melt slighty since the chocolate is still warm from melting. If I find out more about this I will let you know.

  5. I am going to give these a try this weekend for a dinner party of 4! Although I have a very old oven and I am nervous they arent going to pop. I love your recipes!

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